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Skylanders Swap Force Trading Card Booster

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1 Booster containing 8 cards

Activision is launching an exciting new game Skylanders SWAP Force. This is the third installment from their popular, top-selling franchise. With innovative allnew gameplay, Skylanders SWAP Force brings Portal Masters even more choice by letting them swap the top and bottom halves of characters to create their own.Topps are bringing you a fantastic set of Skylanders SWAP Force Collector Cards!
This collection includes the complete team of 16 SWAP Force characters,such as Wash Buckler and Blast Zone, as well as all 256 swapabilities its the perfect companion to the new Skylanders SWAP Force game and toys! Look out for the new versions of your fan favourites, collect all 32 mirror foil cards
including 16 brand new Skylanders, and 8 new enemies, and keep your eyes peeled for colour-me-in cards as well as puzzle
cards. This Skylanders SWAP Force card collection is not to be missed!