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Devils Third

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The game’s online multiplayer mode, meanwhile,
offers up a grim future whereby the terrorists have won, and chaos reigns supreme. As an ordinary citizen, you can join a clan and help reclaim the United States by forming allegiances with other factions, or go all-out as a mercenary and endlessly assault other player's bases, opting for anarchy over clan diplomacy! But at the heart of the online play is the ability to customise your base alongside other members of your clan, with successful battling resulting in rewards that can be used to improve your defences. With constant assaults from other clans, you’ll have to be on your toes to defend your territory.
  • First Itagaki game released for over 6 years
  • An over-the-top modern military thriller
  • Very deep online play (10+ modes, up to 16 players)
  • Siege mode with persistent clans and base upgrading
  • Character customization with micro transactions
  • Combination of modern military weaponry with ninja-style swordplay and melee combat.
Release Date
Friday 28th August 2015
PEGI - 18+ - More Information