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Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones - Wildfire

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Just three months after the events of Inazuma Eleven GO, Arion Sherwind returns to Raimon Jr. High to discover a baseball field where the football pitch once was. Worse still, there is no sign of the club, while students quietly enjoy other activities, like gymnastics, music and calligraphy Ė itís as if football never existed! With the arrival of some mysterious time travellers from 200 years in the future, it becomes clear that Arion is the only one who can save the beautiful game! And thatís where things kick off, as you travel through time to explore a huge game world, uncover secret plots, battle rival teams to prove your prowess, and restore football to glory!
  • Recruit a top-tier football team from over a thousand players, in a time-warping RPG adventure
  • Command over-the-top Special Moves and new armourfied Fighting Spirits to win five-a-side and full-on matches
  • Train and miximax player Auras to enhance their abilities!
  • Play with up to three mates via Local Play, and even trade players with others
Release Date
Friday 27th March 2015
PEGI - 12+ - More Information